Corporate Finance

Mergers & Acquisitions

RCPL is focused on providing value to clients instead of taking a purely transactional approach to business. We partner with our clients pre and post a successful deal closure. We handhold clients in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures both domestic and cross border.

Equity or Debt Fundraising

We work with companies at various stages in their lifecycle and help them raise private capital through VCs, PE firms, strategic partners or through various debt instruments through Banks or NBFCs. We help identify the most suitable structure for meeting our clients’ financing needs.


We follow a well structured approach in arriving at valuation of different business / assets (brands / intangible assets and intangible property) across the industry by conducting thorough analyses of business metrics and evaluating the business through a range of approached to arrive at a fair valuation rationale.


Strategic Diligence

Provide external views on a company or industry for the purpose of making investments, participating in tenders and other similar activities

Turnaround Consultancy

We help our client identify and diagnose weaknesses and critical areas for improvement by gaining an understanding of the existing processes. RCPL help’s address those weaknesses by providing tangible advice and address focus areas to improve long term performance of the business.

Feasibility Analysis

We carry out industry specific studies, to understand the trends, challenges, limitations and guide clients to understand the possible earning potential while highlighting risks and possible risk mitigation

Start Up Advisory

Deal Readiness

We help our clients become investor ready for a potential transaction that may occur

  • Handhold them through the funding process
  • Help organize their internal processes and systems in place to combat possible diligence issues that may occur
  • Prepare implementable business plans that will help them derive maximum value from the potential transaction


We advise multiple startups on dealing with the industry specific issues so that:

  • Founders can scale and realize the potential of their venture
  • Assist founders in avoiding common mistakes around financial issues, product positioning, organization structure and strategy
  • Be a part of the fund raise process, help them negotiate, provide inputs and suggestion in the definitive agreements.


Overall Market Analysis

Custom Project Reports

Sector Expertise

Top Down and Bottom Up Market Estimation

Financial Modelling

Vetting of Capex & other assumptions

Demand & Supply Analysis

Bid Advisory

Returns IRR & Payback

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